Basement Boy

by Odd Jobs

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This is an album about me and my basement, along with other things that happened to and are important to me. Download for the bonus track "Gravity."


released May 10, 2016

All songs written and recorded by Ian Paul, in his basement and bedroom, on his phone. Cover art by Ian Paul.



all rights reserved


Odd Jobs Saint Joseph, Michigan

fuzzy socks and fuzzy pop !

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Track Name: Who Am I? (Start)
my feet dig into the
grassy landscape, and my
head knocks upon the sky.
i ask myself,
what is this?
who am i?

my fingers grasp the
trunks of trees and my chest is
submerged in the fields of rye.
i ask myself
what is this?
who am i?

my mind is captive
of the heavens, and
everything inside
i ask myself
what is this?
who am i?
Track Name: Worms
i guess every day's the same
or they have been for a while
it makes me lonely in some way

shove my face down in the dirt
say hello to all the worms
and they whisper back my name

they say

hello, basement boy

i guess every day just sucks
even when i change it up
got me going "what the fuck?"
Track Name: :(
i hate the beach when it rains
i hate the winter every day
i hate myself most of the time
and that's alright

i hate the people who hate me
i hate how nothing is ever free
i hate probation and being dumb
i hate the days where there is no sun
Track Name: The Dog Stars (Interlude 1)
i swear i’m an astronaut
as i drive along the highway
in the warm summer night.
off to discover unknown worlds.
i drive beneath the streetlights,
bright as the dog stars
reflecting off the metal of my car.

as i pull into that beachside parking lot
and prepare for my descent
to the surface, i swear
i’m an astronaut. my feet
make landfall on the surface,
bare toes sinking their teeth
into the sand. i say to myself,
“one small step for man,
one giant leap for mankind.”
Track Name: Brain
i wanna be content
i wanna know i'm real
i want the world outside
to show how i feel

but i think sometimes
i might change my mind
because the passing time
changes me

in my racing brain
they've tried many pills
to calm down my thoughts
help me feel less ill

but i think sometimes
i might lose my mind
because the passing time
only hurts me

on too many days
i don't know i'm shit
just a fucked up kid
old dog and no new tricks

but i think sometimes
i might stop my mind
from feeling passing time
just for a moment
Track Name: Basement Boy
i'm a basement boy
i sleep downstairs
i wake up in the morning
to find no one there

i can't go to college
cause my mind's a wreck
hurricane of bad emotions
and depressioin meds

and sometimes

i realize

i sometimes wish away the best things
like all my friends
but they know that i'm just stupid
and fucked in the head

i'm a basement boy
i don't sleep in my bed
sometimes i wish life was different
but never again
Track Name: Alien Pt. 3 (Loverboy)
i'm so tired
but you were running at me with the pitchforks and fire
and i was scarred
you had burned down my house and chased me all around the yard

and i suppose
that everyone in life doesn't get the path they chose
and i see
that every one of them's an alien and none of them are me

and i'm not your toy
just a basement dweller and a loverboy
Track Name: You and No One Else (Interlude 2)
i can hear the rustling
trees outside my window
and the soft footsteps of rain
as it walks. and i
run my fingers over
the piano keys, absentmindedly,
humming the sweet jazz of
davis; coltrane.
i join the voices downstairs and
they welcome me. they open their arms
and i open my eyes
to find you
and no one else.
Track Name: Miss U
cat got your tongue cause you can't spit it out
feet on the floor head spinning all around

and i try
to say it
one more time
to play it
one more time
i miss you
one more time
i miss you

i've got the nerves butterflies in my gut
my life's a car and it has hit a rut

every morning
i wake up
in the darkness
and i look up
and i see things
fantastic colors
and i miss you
and i miss you
Track Name: I'll Call You When My Parents Are Asleep
waking up on saturday
i play video games and waste the day away
and when the night comes i sneak out of my window
all night long we're smoking weed
and getting drunk
and feeling free
and i promise that i'll call you when my parents are asleep
and i promise that tomorrow you'll see me

waking up sunday morning
i look outside the rain's pouring
and i clamber out of bed to seize the day
all day long i'm an anxious wreck
do i like her does she like me back
and i promise i'll come over after i smoke another pack
and i promise that tomorrow we'll see each other
Track Name: Bed (End)
i guess when it's all done and said
after the rain has fallen upon my head
when i my eyes grow heavy and it's time to rest
i guess tonight i'll sleep in my bed