by Odd Jobs

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released January 24, 2016

All tracks written and recorded by Ian Paul in his basement on his phone.



all rights reserved


Odd Jobs Saint Joseph, Michigan

fuzzy socks and fuzzy pop !

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Track Name: Intro
vweep vwoop
Track Name: Homecoming
it's a homecoming every time they come to our house
and they're welcome every time they come to our house
Track Name: Gamecube
last year i scared her pretty bad
i got drunk and snuck out she was pretty mad
then i sat on the basement floor outside my brain
playing gamecube games and smoking indica strains

my parents get pissed when i sneak out
it's not my fault i can't figure out
how to deal with crippling anxiety
when it hits me in the night and i can't sleep

sometimes you gotta cheat cause life isn't fair
take drugs on school nights i don't care
if i lay awake until 5 am
maybe a god will notice how fucked up i am

and save me

every time i wake up it's another day
every time i see you i wanna blow out my brains
the doctor says to kepp on keeping on
but my head tells me i'm already gone
Track Name: Changes
right now you're asleep
and i'm searching for a way
to get into your dreams

it's 3 am
i can't shut my eyes
i wish you were here

i never felt lonely
unless you weren't near me
i never liked changes
when you went away

the sleeping pills are in
Track Name: I Wanna Be a Stain
i wanna be a stain
on your brand new jeans
so you'll never forget
how much you hate me
i wanna be the sharpie marker
that's always dry
but you never throw away
and you don't know why

when you wash me well i'll be out of your hair
and when you use me i'll draw dark beyond compare
and when you call out and no one seems to hear
i'll reach out and take your hand my dear

i wanna be the missing buttons
on your thrifted shirts
so you never forget
the missing pieces hurt
i wanna be everything
that you drank last night
all the bleach and booze
till you weren't upright

so when you're in pieces i'll put you together again
and when you see the light i'll be your last amen
and when you call out and no one seems to hear
i'll reach out and take your hand my dear
Track Name: Susie-Q
i sleep till 12 and forget yesterday
i sleep till 12 and lose track of the days

nobody can wake me up
i'm in heaven
Track Name: Bug
never let them squish you like a bug

someone told me never let go of the things you love
i said mister never let them squish you like a bug
Track Name: Eraser/Fake
i sleep all year
don't know what i fear
don't know my face
sometimes i want to erase my existence

sometimes in my head
when i'm laying in bed
i start to wish away
my friends who've come to stay and i regret that

it's like some days i'm not really there
caught up in myself
caught up in things i don't really care
caught up in myself
we live in a fake and plastic world

sometimes i get myself to thinking
my number of friends is small and shrinking
Track Name: Alien
i don't belong here

i don't come from this place